As part of the Green Fleadh 2019 programme, local businesses in Drogheda were invited to take part in the Green Fleadh 2019 Business Programme. Students from the Clean Technology Centre at the Cork Institute of Technology undertook a free audit of each business premises on July 18/19th and produced reports with a view to reducing the impact in terms of Waste, Water and Energy on each business. This report also includes tips on how to become more energy efficient which will also save money!

Businesses were also invited to take part in the “Free Water Refill Programme” which is aimed at making Drogheda a tap water refill friendly town for both locals and visitors alike. This initiative builds on the national campaign by Refill Ireland who encourage the creation of locations where filling your reusable bottle for free becomes common place and reduces the creation of single use plastic bottles. Ireland’s tap water is of a high quality and people are happy to fill their bottles for free! Twenty hospitality premises in Drogheda have signed up to the campaign and have been added to the national “Tap Map”.

The national “Tap Map” can be found on which lists the locations where you can fill up your bottle. A tap map for Drogheda has been created for the Fleadh and can be viewed at Drogheda “Tap Map”

Businesses are also taking part in the “Conscious Cup Campaign” which aims to make Drogheda a leading town in the campaign to reduce the number of single us coffee cups. The campaign seeks to reduce and eventually eliminate the use of disposable cups in Ireland where we dispose of over 22,000 takeaway cups every hour! It will reduce the level of waste going to landfill and the level of litter on our streets as most disposable cups are non recyclable. Coffee cups and plastic water bottles are two of the most common types of litter found in Ireland. Everyone benefits if people take part in these campaigns and they will make Drogheda a better place in which to live and visit!

A national map of cafés taking part in the Conscious Cup campaign can be found at

The café map for Drogheda can also be viewed at Drogheda Café map

The response from the hospitality sector in Drogheda has been very positive and there are now ten locations in Drogheda included on the map!